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Your Lennox Orioles will be competing in the Rapid Invite starting Friday at 1 pm Mountain Time! Action will continue Saturday Morning at 10 am Mountain Time. Go O's!

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The Oriole Pin Club supports the Lennox Wrestling Program through a fundraiser tied to the goal of every match. A PIN. All donors will be recognized in the program on our Parent's Night on January 17, 2019. All proceeds will go towards a team wrestling camp this upcoming summer.
Supporters pledge a specific amount for every Pin that Lennox Varsity Wrestlers earn (combined total) through the entire season, up to and including the Class A State Tournament.

Latest News

Lincoln Quad Results

Posted 12/05/2018

The Orioles battled at the Lincoln Quad and came away with 2 duals wins!  The results are below:

Lennox 42 SF Lincoln 41

106: Michael Huscher (SFL) over Layne Kuper (LENN) (Fall 1:36)
113: Sam Harr (LENN) over (SFL) (For.)
120: Alex Mentzer (SFL) over Brandon Otte (LENN) (TF 18-2 4:20)
126: Landon Slack (LENN) over Hsaw Reh (SFL) (Fall 1:53)
132: Riley Williams (LENN) over Tae Ellenbecker (SFL) (Fall 2:20)
138: Jaetin DeCou (LENN) over Alfredo Sanchez (SFL) (Fall 0:36)
145: Tyson Stoebner (LENN) over (SFL) (For.)
152: Doug Stephans (SFL) over Bobby Smidt (LENN) (Fall 0:34)
160: Ben Zarr (LENN) over (SFL) (For.)
170: Braedon Treadway (SFL) over Taylor Gipson (LENN) (Fall 1:13)
182: Jacob Murphy (SFL) over Brock Schroeder (LENN) (Fall 1:31)
195: Jase Langbehn (LENN) over Colton Bechard (SFL) (Fall 3:43)
220: Gavin Marco (SFL) over (LENN) (For.)
285: Marco Cosic (SFL) over (LENN) (For.)

Lennox 40 SF Washington 39

106: Elijah Taniah (SFW) over Layne Kuper (LENN) (Dec 13-6)
113: Sam Harr (LENN) over Adam McManus (SFW) (Fall 2:28)
120: Brandon Otte (LENN) over Asher Eidem (SFW) (Fall 2:43)
126: Landon Slack (LENN) over Gavin Mastin (SFW) (Fall 1:25)
132: Riley Williams (LENN) over Blessing Taniah (SFW) (Fall 5:04)
138: Jaetin DeCou (LENN) over Moises DereConfort (SFW) (Fall 0:18)
145: Tristan Mercado (SFW) over Bobby Smidt (LENN) (Fall 1:51)
152: Tyson Stoebner (LENN) over Kamren McCubbin (SFW) (MD 13-1)
160: Morgan Warmbein (SFW) over Ben Zarr (LENN) (Fall 0:33)
170: Samuel Randall (SFW) over Taylor Gipson (LENN) (Fall 3:45)
182: Trevor Sagness (SFW) over Brock Schroeder (LENN) (Fall 5:02)
195: Jase Langbehn (LENN) over Matthew Small (SFW) (Fall 3:35)
220: Michael Vroman (SFW) over (LENN) (For.)
285: Todar Petrovic (SFW) over (LENN) (For.)

Lennox 31 Yankton 44

106: Tucker Bahm (YANK) over Layne Kuper (LENN) (Fall 3:59)
113: Cruz Dyer (YANK) over Sam Harr (LENN) (Fall 3:47)
120: Taten Bahm (YANK) over Brandon Otte (LENN) (Fall 1:36)
126: Ethan Yasat (YANK) over Landon Slack (LENN) (MD 10-2)
132: Riley Williams (LENN) over Kyler Lillie (YANK) (MD 14-3)
138: Jaetin DeCou (LENN) over (YANK) (For.)
145: Teagen Myers (YANK) over Bobby Smidt (LENN) (MD 13-5)
152: Tyson Stoebner (LENN) over Ben Tellus (YANK) (Fall 3:04)
160: Ben Zarr (LENN) over Crew Strub (YANK) (Dec 10-6)
170: Taylor Gipson (LENN) over (YANK) (For.)
182: Owen Warren (YANK) over Brock Schroeder (LENN) (Fall 1:12)
195: Jase Langbehn (LENN) over Jonah Marsh (YANK) (Fall 0:56)
220: Owen Phillips (YANK) over (LENN) (For.)
285: Trevor Ellis (YANK) over (LENN) (For.)

Welcome to the Club

Posted 11/08/2018

Welcome to the Lennox Oriole Pin Club.  Thank you for your pledge to support Lennox Wrestling.

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