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The "Set Club" is a way to help support Lynx Volleyball and designed to positively promote the BV VB program, athletes and coaches. $ raised from pledges will go toward enhancing the volleyball experience for members of BVHS VB. Camp assistance, Road Game Meals, apparel for program members and Senior Gifts are just a few of things your pledges go toward funding. You can also follow the site for all kinds of news and information about all of the positive things happening inside of Lynx Volleyball, with players, coaches and the overall program. Thank you very much for helping and SUPPORTING our program. Go Lynx!

What's been happening...

2 Guys on the Move (moving and storage) just donated $1.00
Dulaney family just donated $0.50
Amanda Larson just donated $0.50
Joe and Eve Kopp just donated $1.00
Mindy just donated $0.50