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Melrose High School’s class of 2017 is blessed with some unbelievable students. From artists to athletes, the talent that exists in the class is unparalleled. Equally amazing is the sense of camaraderie amongst the class. Samantha Fazio ‘17 put it best, “We are a grade where everyone supports one another, regardless of what sports team, club or group they are in.”

A class of this caliber is undoubtedly deserving of some appreciation, more specifically it’s incredibly driven athletes. This page will serve as a place where current MHS Students, alumni, friends, parents and neighbors can easily sponsor the Class of ‘17 through one of our classmates’ amazing athletic achievements.

The best way to understand how this works is through a relevant example. For his entire high school career, Mike Pedrini ‘17 has been like something fresh out of Friday Night Lights. His achievements on and off the field have dazzled parents and students alike. Using this page, one can donate say, five dollars, every time Pedrini, or another member of the Class of ‘17, scores a touchdown. That money will go towards the Class of 2017’s Senior prom, our senior week, and countless more class events that are essential to both Pedrini and his 246 other class member’s high school experience.

Your donation means memories that last a lifetime and a priceless sense of contributing to a greater cause for all those involved. Thank you for believing in us and we will see you in the halls or on the field.

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