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"Don't dream of winning. Train for it!" -Mo Farah

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Our booster club does a great job of providing us with the funds they can, but due to their rules and bylaws, they are not allowed to help us with certain things. As school districts struggle to work with tight budgets, items that may have been provided for in the past have been cut. We don’t receive meal money for our athletes, funds for our end of the year banquet or money to promote our team T-shirts. We have other smaller expenses that we must also fund like shoes for athletes that can’t afford them, a warm-up when we have more athletes than we do gear, expenses to fix our team tent, or other equipment that is needed for a successful program. Many years we go without because we are without funds to provide for these things.

I hope that you will consider contributing to our program to again make us a top program in the state. If you can’t give, I hope that you can come and support the Warriors at a meet this season. You will truly see that it takes a special athlete and a strong team to be successful in Track and Field. Thank you for your support!

Coach Shane Reilly

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