Vermillion Tanagers Boys/Girls Basketball Win Club

About Us

The Tanager boys and girls basketball programs are introducing the Wins Club for our upcoming seasons. We will be running this club together and all proceeds will be split evenly by our programs. Each year we purchase many things for our athletes that exceed the dollar amounts given to our programs. This includes stuff such as team meals, travel gear, warm up shirts, meals for long bus trips, team camps, and hotel rooms. If you choose to become a member of our Wins Club you can help our athletes and feel more involved in our programs. Thanks to all of our Tanager supporters!

What's been happening...

Tim & Kathy Tracy just donated $2.00
Tom & Donna Herbster just donated $1.00
Julie Girard just donated $1.00
Keith just donated $5.00
Mindy Baylor just donated $1.00