FAQs for Causes

What is GiveStep?

GiveStep is a fundraising platform that uses sports to change the way people support the causes they care about (think fantasy sports meets charitable crowdfunding). With GiveStep, people can make donations to causes of their choosing whenever their favorite sports team or athlete wins, scores, or makes a play.

For organizations, GiveStep acts as an effective, efficient fundraising tool that will help you raise more money, reach new donors, and maintain consistent, long-term donor support.

Can my organization use GiveStep to fundraise?

Any charitable cause is able to use GiveStep to fundraise. In fact, if your organization has 501(c)(3) status, then it probably has a GiveStep page and can start receiving donations already.

Does my organization need a GiveStep page to start collecting donations?

Yes, it does. To find out if you're in the system, head over to the GiveStep Cause Directory and search for your organization. If it is listed in the search results, then you're in the system. Click on your organization to check out your GiveStep page.

My organization doesn't have a GiveStep page — how do we get one?

If your organization/cause isn't in the system yet, contact us and we'll look into adding it.

My organization has a GiveStep page. Now what?

Before you start fundraising, we recommend that you claim your organization's GiveStep page. This will allow you to customize the page with a logo, add information about your cause, connect social media, view reports, create custom campaigns, and even appoint other users to help manage the page.

How do I claim my organization's GiveStep page?

Navigate to your GiveStep page by searching the Cause Directory. Click on your organization in the search results and you will be brought to its GiveStep page. Look for a link in the lower left hand corner that reads "Claim this organization" and click it to start the claim process. For security reasons, you will be required to provide a copy of your organization's 501(c)(3) exemption letter/certificate to complete the process. If you don't have 501(c)(3) designation and want to use GiveStep to fundraise, please contact us.

Who can claim an organization's GiveStep page?

When you claim a GiveStep page, you become its administrator. As the administrator you are able to customize and control many elements of the page. You should only claim your organization's GiveStep page if you are authorized to do so on behalf of your organization. In the event it is discovered that you are not an authorized representative of the organization, your claim will be revoked.

My organization's GiveStep page has been claimed and set up. Now what?

Once your GiveStep page is set up the way you want, fundraising is simply a matter of directing people to your GiveStep page by sharing the URL/web address. Post it on your website, share it on social media, send an email blast, or use any other method that will spread the word to potential supporters.

The address of your GiveStep page can be found in the address bar in your browser (usually toward the top of the screen). It will be something like "givestep.com/fundraiser/YOUR_ORG_NAME".

What is the cost to use GiveStep?

The only cost to fundraise on GiveStep is taken as a 15% service fee on collected donations, which covers all credit card processing fees, other related expenses/overhead, and GiveStep's service fee. There are no start-up or termination fees, no required minimums, and no term commitment (cancel anytime). We set it up this way so you only pay for GiveStep if you successfully raise money. Donations remain 100% tax-deductible for donors because this fee is a cost to the fundraising organization and represents an independent transaction from an accounting perspective.

How does my organization get the funds that are raised through GiveStep?

Each month, GiveStep distributes all collected donations for the previous month net the GiveStep fee of 15%. For example, if you raised $1,000 in May. You would receive a check in June for $850. Checks are mailed to the address on file with the IRS if no other address is specified.

Are donations being made directly to my organization or cause?

By default, all donations are received and receipted by the GiveStep Charitable Foundation, Inc. – a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The GCF is a donor-directed fund, which means that it makes grants to other causes based on donor instruction. We do allow organizations to receive and receipt donations directly if they request it, so please let us know if that's something you'd like to do.

Who is responsible for issuing tax receipts?

Unless you opt to receive and receipt donations directly, GiveStep handles the issuing of all tax receipts on behalf of the GiveStep Charitable Foundation.

Why would I want my donations made to the GiveStep Charitable Foundation (GCF) and not directly to my organization?

GiveStep's model was constructed this way to simplify the fundraising process for organizations and causes. The logistics and overhead required to process and receipt a large number of individual donations are significant. GiveStep and the GiveStep Charitable Foundation work together to handle this function so your cause is able to benefit from donations made via the GiveStep platform while avoiding the logistics involved with processing a large number of individual donations. By default, all donations are receipted and processed by the GiveStep Charitable Foundation, but you always have the option of doing your own tax receipting if you request it. In this case, donors will receive their tax receipts directly from you, and not through GiveStep.

Is GiveStep affiliated with the GiveStep Charitable Foundation?

GiveStep, Inc. and the GiveStep Charitable Foundation, Inc. are independent organizations, but work together to operate the GiveStep donation platform.

Where can I learn more about the GiveStep Charitable Foundation?

The GiveStep Charitable Foundation has its own website, located at http://www.givestep.org

Is my organization able to obtain donor information?

Contact information for donors is provided only if the donor opts to share it. You will always be able to obtain general demographic information on your donors.