How It Works

A new way to support the causes you’re passionate about!

GiveStep is a donation platform where people support causes by making donations whenever their favorite sports team (or athlete) wins, scores, or makes a play.

With GiveStep, you’re able to celebrate the teams and athletes you love and support the causes you’re passionate about, all at the same time!

We call this new way to donate event-based giving, and here’s how it works.

Step 1
Pick a cause to support

GiveStep makes it easy to find the cause you want to support, as our Cause Directory contains over 1.4 million charities, non-profits, and schools.

Step 2
Choose how to give

Custom-design your pledge by choosing the team (or athlete) to pledge with, the stat that triggers the donation, and how much to give each time the stat occurs.

Step 3
GiveStep does the rest!

Once your pledge is created, GiveStep takes care of tracking and managing all the stats, processing donations, and issuing tax receipts.

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