GiveStep Basics

Pledges, Donations, and Charges


A pledge defines how you want to give. For example:

"I will give $2 to the XYZ Foundation when the Shermer Bulldogs win a game."

John Smith Boston, MN

Components of a Pledge

  • Pledge Value: how much you want to give whenever a certain stat occurs ($2 in the example above)
  • Cause: where you want your donation to go (XYZ Foundation in the example above)
  • Generator: the team or athlete you are pledging with (Shermer Bulldogs in the example above)
  • Stat: the statistic you are connecting your donation to (“win a game” in the example above)
  • Pledge Total: the total amount you will be donating, which is equal to the pledge value multiplied by the number of times the chosen stat has occurred. Using the example above, if the Shermer Bulldogs won 5 games, your pledge total would be $10 ($2 x 5 wins).
  • Term: how long you want the pledge to run.
  • Donation Limit: the maximum amount a pledge can reach before it stops (this is an optional setting).
  • Collected Total: the amount that has actually been charged to your payment method for a given specific pledge.

Ways a Pledge Can End

  1. If you set a pledge to last for a certain season, game, or date range, the pledge will automatically end at the conclusion.
  2. If you set a donation limit on your pledge, your pledge will end if that limit is reached.
  3. You can always manually stop a pledge at any time.


While a pledge defines how you want to give, donations represent the money that is actually given as a result of a pledge. A donation is only made when your payment method is successfully charged and the money withdrawn.

So working off of the example above, if the Shermer Bulldogs won 5 games during a season, your pledge total would be $10. You will have donated $10 once your payment method was charged and the $10 taken from your account.


So now you know that a pledge defines how you want to give and that donations are made when your payment method is actually charged. But when do those charges occur?

Because it would be infeasible to charge your payment method every time a stat occurred, we had to set up a system that would charge you at specific intervals. There are three different scenarios that trigger a charge:

  • Every time your pledge total exceeds $25 OR
  • At the end of a season OR
  • When a pledge ends.

Once a week, we review all the pledges in the system, and if any meet the criteria above, the donors are notified and the charges are submitted. It then usually takes two days for them to fully process.

Still confused? Don’t fret! We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us!